About Us

Our Littleton Town Democratic Committee (LTDC) is the local grassroots arm of the Democratic Party.  We are organized in accordance with the provisions of the General Laws of the Commonwealth. As a political committee we: 
  •   Participate in state and national campaigns and work for the election of Democratic candidates
  •  Advance and advocate for the ideals, values, and goals of the Democratic Party
  •  Work to build and strengthen the Democratic Party in Massachusetts and Littleton
As required by law, our committee is reconstituted every four years with prospective members signing nomination papers and standing for election on the Presidential Primary ballot. Our maximum number for membership is 35 and when we are short that number the committee can elect members up to the maximum in the interim four years between primaries.  We can also elect associate members who participate in meetings and activities. All members and associates must be Littleton registered Democrats.  As stipulated by the Charter of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, we elect a chairperson, vice-chairperson, treasurer, secretary, and affirmative action and outreach advisor, all serving two year terms.

The LTDC meets quarterly on the second Tuesday of the last month of each quarter in Room 230 of the Town Offices Building with additional meetings as necessary. We are an active committee particularly during election cycles. We depend on membership donations to support our activities on behalf of endorsed Democratic candidates and we also accept donations for our exceptional pies made available at the annual Fourth of July activities in Fay Park. Proceeds from yard sales have also supplemented our modest Treasury.

The Littleton Town Report of 1912 is the first to report the election of Democratic and Republican committees and LTDC has been in continuous existence since that time.  The first committee consisted of seven members (all men) and included Gardner W. Prouty, member of a prominent and civic-minded  family in town for many generations. He was elected again in 1916 and 1920. Among the others elected in 1912 was John Neagle who went on to serve on the committee for 36 years. In the 1940 election he was the only person on the ballot for the Democrats. It wasn’t until 1956 that women first appeared on the ballot.

We warmly welcome any registered Littleton Democrat who shares the goals and ideals of our Democratic Party to become a member and work with us to achieve a more democratic and just society. We need your helping hands. For further information and to sit down and have a chat, contact Jane Chrisfield, Chair, at jchrisfield1@verizon.net.